A Worthy Cause

One of my goals when starting this blog was to showcase a few causes or organizations to support or educate yourself about if you so choose.

So, a few times a month I’ll either post about an organization that could use support or resources on a cause to educate ourselves with. I’ll be focusing on local (to the St. Louis region), national, and global causes and organizations.

For my first post like this I want to focus on a local issue. Our unhoused neighbors in St. Louis are treated terribly. The city closes the shelters, or sometimes the shelters don’t have enough funds to be open at full capacity. Pretty regularly unhoused individuals are removed from the areas they’ve made their home, usually with force from city officials and St. Louis police.

We don’t have a lot of good resources for our neighbors and they can often be forgotten. There are some organizations working hard to reverse this by raising awareness and taking action to help out our unhoused neighbors – with food stations, care packages, cooling stations for hot weather, hygiene products, and education.

One such organization is Unhoused STL. As stated on their social media pages their mission is, “Creating awareness and support for the unhoused community in St. Louis.”

Unhoused STL posts and gets information about our unhoused neighbors here in St. Louis. They also do a ton of outreach with food stations and supplies, like hygiene packs and backpacks, for unhoused individuals. I’ll link to their Instagram and Facebook below.

According to a recent announcement from them, with enough support they hope to do community outreach the third Sunday of every month.

If you would like to donate or volunteer with them you can get more information by emailing them at UnhousedSTL@gmail.com. You can also donate through Venmo @UnhousedSTL and CashApp $UnhousedSTL.

Check out their social media pages for more resources about unhoused individuals and communities in St. Louis and throughout the nation.

Signing off for now,

— Tory